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The Marine data hub is an online community initiative to  provide a ‘field-guide’ to high-value data products that can be used to drive, constrain, and evaluate global ocean models and their associated fisheries/ecosystem components.


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Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative (OC–CCI)

figureThe Ocean Colour CCI (OC_CCI) project (https://esa-oceancolour-cci.org/)focuses on the Ocean Colour ECV encompassing water-leaving radiance in the visible domain, derived chlorophyll and inherent optical properties and uses data archives of from ESA’s MERIS and NASA’s SeaWiFS, MODIS and possibly CZCS sensors archives.

Global Ocean Health Index (OHI) Assessments

figureThe Global Ocean Health Index measures performance of ten societal goals for healthy oceans on a quantitative scale of increasing health from 0 to 100, and combines these scores into a single Index score, for each country and globally. The Global Ocean Health Index involves synthesizing highly heterogeneous information from nearly one hundred sources. Data from each source are formatted and used to calculate Index scores using freely available coding and version control software. One of the goals of the project is to make all their data and methods available to anyone who wants to further explore the results or use the data for other projects.

Mineral dust aerosols and associated radiative effects

figureSize-structured mineral dust aerosols and associated radiative effects produced by four different atmospheric transport models. The study draws on observational data on dust abundance, in situ measurements of dust optical properties and size distribution, and climate and atmospheric chemical transport model simulations of atmospheric dust concentrations.

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